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Interesting Times Magazine #01

Published 2009

Issue number one, our very first; the dawn of a new era! Contents include an article on our corner of the world, Sweden, as well as an article on using RPGs as a tool for personal development and some interesting book reviews.

Cyberpunk 2009: Or how I learned to stop worrying and love these Interesting Times
Booze, blondes & blizzards: Why Americans should study in socialist Sweden
Uppsala, the city of my dreams
Review of The modern survival manual: How to survive the economic collapse by Fernando "FerFAL" Aguirre
Review of Emergency: This book will save your life by Neill Strauss
So you want my lifestyle: Professional poker player and law school slacker in Sweden
Betatesting Life: RPG:s as a tool for personal development
Review of Becoming Batman: The possibility of a superhero by Dr. E. Paul Zehr
So you want to write for Interesting Times?

Year 2009
Language English
Collection interestingtimeszine; magazine_rack; additional_collections


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